Michael Norris: Composer, Software Developer, Music Theorist


Michael Norris is a Wellington-based composer, software developer and music theorist. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Composition at Te Kōkī, New Zealand School of Music, where he teaches composition, sonic art and post-tonal music theory.

  • As one of the leading composers of instrumental composition in New Zealand, Michael enjoys an international presence, with particular links to Austria, Germany and the Asia-Pacific region. He was recently featured in the 2010 Donaueschinger Musiktage festival in Germany and is currently Secretary General of the Asian Composers League.
  • As a software developer, he is best known for his suite of Audio Units known as SoundMagic Spectral. These plugins have been used widely both in academia and the industry, including a number of feature film soundtracks, and has been used by artists such as Aphex Twin and Brian Eno.
  • As a music theorist, Michael is interested in post-tonal chromatic theories, especially derivatives of pc-set theory (such as tone-clock theory), microtonality, Neo-Riemannian theory, and scalar constraints theory. Michael has written a number of articles relating these concepts of harmonic theory to works from New Zealand, especially those by Jenny McLeod, Jack Body and Douglas Lilburn.
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