Instrument + Electronics


Each of the eight movements of this work is notated in the form of a graphical "map", into which musical fragments—devised and developed by both members of the collaboration—are arrayed and interconnected. The performer is then free to traverse the particular musico-geographical terrain in a semi-improvisational manner, stringing together the fragments by following the graphical "rules" of each map.

By drawing on cartographic disciplines for the graphical inspiration behind each map, the collaborators have re-envisaged the score as not so much a linear unfolding of material, but rather an open, multi-dimensional traversal of a given sonic "microverse". The form is therefore not fixed, but only suggested by the pathways and distribution of materials around the map. Certain game-like elements, such as shortcuts and dead ends, have been included to increase the sense of "play", as well as the potential for unusual structural discontinuities.

Score extract: