b4.0 ©2014 Michael Norris

A Max/MSP external that allows you to process a stereo audio stream using Audio Units.


downloadiconClick here to download AU~ Beta v4.0 for Max 6.1 (Universal)

downloadiconClick here to download AU~ Beta v2.0 for earlier versions of Max



  • Mac OS X 10.6, Intel Mac
  • Max/MSP 5 or later



  • Beta 4: Universal extension
  • Beta 3: Works with Max 6.1
  • Beta 2.0: Fixed further bugs with effects window; created umenu-formatted output option; reworked numparams command output
  • Beta 1.6: Now works with Max/MSP 5
  • Beta 1.5: Fixed a number of potential bugs relating to effects window
  • Beta 1.4: Internal update
  • Beta 1.3: AU window now closes when patcher window closes. Help file now included. Improved documentation. Included a 'bypass' message.
  • Beta 1.2: Included ability to set, and be set by, a multislider (see help file for details)
  • Beta 1.1: First release