spindrift object1.1 ©2022 Michael Norris

[spindrift~] is the mother of all granular synthesis externals for Max.

It not only features the standard granular synthesis parameters, but also boasts a slew of powerful per-grain spatialization parameters, designed for equidistant multichannel loudspeaker arrays. Spatialization can be controlled manually or set on automatic ‘spinning’ or ‘drifting’ trajectories.

Features include:

  • hardware optimization using Apple’s Accelerate framework means it runs with very low CPU overhead


All demo sounds below made with the spindrift~ help file patch


  • per-grain wet/dry mixes depending on each grain’s ‘distance’ from the sweet spot
  • manual control of spatial centre
  • automated circular, linear or spiral spatial trajectories
  • ‘clumps’ of grains can have their own envelopes
  • automatic switch-off after a set duration
  • automated fade in/fade out envelopes for ‘phrases’
  • grain information (duration, position, gain, etc) can be sent out an outlet for further processing
  • both granular ‘clouds’ and granular time-stretching are available
  • pitch-shifting can be drawn randomly from a scale
  • per-grain filtering, including arpeggios and filterbanks
  • can be embedded in a [poly~] object for polyphonic granular synthesis




Click here to download [spindrift~] 1.1



Version History

1.1: Compiled with support for M1 processors

1.0: First beta release



System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 or later


Software Requirements

MaxMSP 7 or greater